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 Fantuzzi Reachstackers are world's Best

To be the best in any field of life it takes maximum commitment, strenuous application and incessant improvement. That is what Fantuzzi has put in its Reachstacker programme and what has made over the years our trucks to emerge as the best choice available in the market.

Because they are ever since the most modern and advanced in technology, the most efficient and running cost competitive and - ultimately - the best service supported machine of their kind. From east to west or north to south, our worldnet service network takes care of the Fantuzzi truck users like no other does and this great added value sums up to the superior content of our product to make our package what the market has declared to be the world's best. Last but not least, the choice we offer is unmatched, with 5 different families of machines designed and conceived to serve different applications with the highest efficiency and return of investment and with a variety of ranges models and optional that Fantuzzi only can available to its users.



The Living legends of Containerland

CONTStackerThe Reachstacker is the dominant mobile machine in container handling and Fantuzzi is the dominant brand of Reachstackers in most of the largest world markets. Because its perfomances are outstanding and its reliability simply superior to any other alternetive.

This is why the fame of Fantuzzy Reachatackers is high and legendary in almost all the busiest container terminals and yards of the globe.

Only Fantuzzi can offer height pre-selections, auto-vertical lift, total machine computer monitoring, remote diagnostic with wireless/Internet access, dynamic stability control, complete operational and fuctional data recording, major components abuse protection system, truck maintenance and on board computer management. More reasons that make Fantuzzi the world’s best.


Maximum speed of operation, unique visibility, unmatched operators facilities and top uptime record have built-up the "Fantuzzi Reachstacker as the living legend of containerland".

The Twin-Lift Sensation

Always at the forefront of industry technology and innovation, Fantuzzi brings today to its customers also teh revolutionary Twin-Lift Reachstacker, the first Reachstacker in the world capable of handling two 20’loaded containers, simultaneously. Fitted with the unique Fantuzzi 20’ – 40’ TL telescopic spreader and with a special high torsion resistant boom, the Fantuzzi Reachstackers in Twin-Lift version do open a new area of drastic operation cost cut and incredible equipment productivity rise in container terminals and yards.

The Rulers of intermodal Handling

Intermodal handling is tough and definitely only the strongest kinds and brands of machines can successfully stand it.

That is why the Fantuzzi Intermodal Reachstacker have gained themselves the reputation of "Rulers" of the world is road-rail interchange points. Fantuzzi has in fact set new standards of strength and design which are now the undisputed benchmark of the industry.




With Multistacker instead,Fantuzzi is making available to its customers a machine capable to perform almost any sort of heavy handling with the advantages to shift from one configuration to the next in matter of minutes. 

Coilstacker is in fast a truck meant to move metal's coils with extreme productivity in almost any variety of operational cycle. In block stack or row ordered lay-outs; onto rail or road cars; from flat or curtain sided trailers and so on. Its coil ram or clamp attachment can hydraulically rotate, sideshift, tilt and swing so providing a flexibility of handling that no other machine can grant. 

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