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ENERGIA AD is certified under ISO 9001 by TUV RHEINLAND EUROQUA.
The OPzS stationary batteries are manufactured under special “Energia” AD technology.
ENERGIA AD manufactures lead-acid stationary cells of the OPzS range according to DIN, serving as compounds for stationary batteries designed to work on float and trickle charge. They serve as power supply for:
-telecommunication systems
-all kinds of power stations
-UPS systems
-TV and radio stations
-alarm systems
-emergency systems

Designations of lead-acid stationary batteries:
Example: 24 V battery, 200 Ah
12 - 4 OPzS 200
     (12 – number of stationary cells;
       4 OPzS 200 – cell type, with tubular positive plate)


The positive plates are tubular, manufactured under original wet filtration filling technology. The negative plate grids are made of special lead alloy. The low antimony content (less than 3%) in the lead-antimony alloy provides iow gassing, which in turn guarantees:
     -long life;
     -low maintenance.

ENERGIA uses Amer Sil separators which provide for the high quality of the products.

The containers are moulded from transparent SAN with clearly marked MIN and MAX electrolyte level. This enables the electrolyte level and the cell condition to be seen at a glance.

 The cells in the batteries in the 150 Ah – 3000 Ah range are connected by means of bolted connectors. On request batteries can be provided with welded connectors.

The OPzS batteries are supplied with vent plugs for safe operation. The vent plugs detain the acid aerosols and allow the free emission of hydrogen and oxygen, thus rendering the battery explosion-proof. They also facilitate the measuring of the temperature and the electrolyte density


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